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To ensure great service, catering teams must be motivated, respected and developed.  Focusing on training has proved a successful tool in developing committed, forward thinking teams, and through annual reviews training needs are identified and delivered.

Leading the way are a team of Directors who have extensive experience, enthusiasm and pride in the way Connect operate. 

John HerringJohn Herring, Founder & Chairman

I have developed Connect over the past 25 years to have a perfect balance between youth and experience.  I have brought my experience in hotel management, teaching at Westminster College, event catering and the fascinating challenges of contract catering together to create an environment where teams thrive, passion finds an outlet and respect for everyone is paramount.  The proof of this is in our many awards, our client portfolio and the length of service of our teams.

Ever changing, ever challenging, and always looking for the next improvement.  I hope you will present me with my next most challenging problem.  Connect will be delighted to rise to that challenge and provide you with a cost effective solution.

Kate Bendall, Managing Director
Louise Laver, Managing Director
Jane Griffiths, Operations Director
Sue Clay, Finance Director
Liz Mbaziira, Personnel Director









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